May 17, 2013

TELAFLEX will transfer all business telephone system support activities to
Morefield Communications, Inc. 

Twenty-five years ago Cable Services Co., Inc. entered the business telephone system market.  We realized we could perform telephone system work ourselves.  Shortly thereafter friends asked us to do the same for them and, before we knew it, TELAFLEX a division of Cable Services Co., Inc. was born.

Much has changed over the years, but TELAFLEX has remained committed to providing local and responsive customer support.  The pace of technology has changed greatly, both in the telephone system market and in the broadband cable infrastructure industry.  Traditional telephone systems converged with computer networking and a new series of products and services was born:  Voice over IP (VoIP.)  Today VoIP technology enables clients to extend their voice networks from their headquarters to remote locations affordably, while improving control of their system.

The pace of change has encouraged us to rethink where TELAFLEX should focus for the next 25+ years.  After careful deliberation, we have decided to concentrate on our core business and exit the business telephone market.

Morefield Communications Inc. is the region’s leading supplier of converged VoIP systems.  You may recognize the name as Morefield has served this area for over 60 years.  Morefield has helped thousands of clients get from “here to there” in business technology.

On May 20, 2013 TELAFLEX will transfer all business telephone system support activities to Morefield Communications. 

·         TELAFLEX has forwarded our client records to Morefield Communications

·         Morefield has agreed to honor all in-place Maintenance and Warranty Agreements on replacement of defective equipment for contracts currently in place.

·         You can open a service call with Morefield by calling 717-763-6928, or after you are Morefield Communications client via the web at

As a Morefield customer you will enjoy many services, including remote helpdesk support backed up by solid field service delivered by highly skilled, certified Technicians who are eager to serve you.    Please note: Morefield has different support protocols, practices and pricing than TELAFLEX, reflecting Morefield Communications’ advanced capabilities in the support of VoIP and computer networking. 

In the coming days you will receive further information from the Morefield team.

Please join Cable Services in welcoming this change.

Ken Michaels
President, Cable Services Co., Inc.
John D. Morefield
President, Morefield Communications